Saturday Night Social: Richard Grinds Our Gears/Geres

Today perma-rom-com-lawyer and longtime silver fox Richard Gere is 64, and we look back at an interview he did with Jimmy Carter in 1993. I'm way into the quasi-Rod Stewart mullet. If that's not enough Gerestalgia for you, here is a look back at the shittier and more recent past: Autumn In New York, starring Gere and terminal (like, literally, she is dying) Manic Pixie Dream Girl Winona Ryder.


TTYL, y'alls.



I have to share this somewhere. Today at 1:30p.m. I marked 9 days (i'm counting by the hour) without binging and purging, the longest I've gone without in five years. I've been bulimic/anorexic for over a decade and this past week has been me taking a stab at normal (I don't really know what normal is) and watching what I eat without restricting and not restricting while not purging.

If I make it I think I'll be taking each day one hour at a time for the rest of my life, but each day at 1:30p.m. will be another day of making it.