Saturday Night Social: Okay, So We're Voting for Doug Jones!

On Tuesday, December 12th, we will find out if not being accused of child molestation is the political edge we once assumed it was. That is, Alabama will vote on whether to send Doug Jones or Roy Moore to the Senate.

Again, this does not just concern Alabama, this is for the Senate, the place where Mitch McConnell lives (ahhh) and for the exact seat from which Jeff Sessions was launched (AHHH).

Ironically, the allegations against Moore might be working in his favor; a CBS News poll has found that 71 percent of Alabama Republicans don’t believe the many allegations against Moore, including that he assaulted a 14-year-old girl. Essentially those are smear campaigns put out by Democrats via fake news.


So here’s what voters do have to go on, on the record: he said in 2005 that “homosexual conduct should be illegal” and has said that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress and didn’t know who the Dreamers were as recently as July. Here’s some stuff about Doug Jones that doesn’t include any of those things.

But la la la la I’m not listenninggg, I don’t want to worry about this crap for another 12 hours because it’s Saturday night, so here’s Keegan-Michael Key to take it away! And then sweet puppy therapy to forget.

Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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The Real Janelle

Catalina has been doing great! We went for some checkups last week and all things considered she’s meeting milestones in acceptable times. We confirmed she has perfectly normal hearing, which is awesome, and now I know she just likes to ignore us!

She has started babbling a bit now - not a lot and not often but she will hold “conversations” once or twice a day and it’s really fun. I’ve also started offering her some fruit to taste and she seems to enjoy it, but isn’t at all ready to eat because she tried to swallow a minuscule bit of peach the other day and drooled and coughed up a storm. I’m not in a hurry about it, but I’d love to start solids soon so we can see if she can still escape getting a g-tube. I am coming around to her needing it, but so far she’s not had to undergo surgery and I’d love to keep that if possible. Anyway, if she doesn’t improve when eating solids, I am okay with a button in her belly.

Best news are in the breathing front - she’s now regularly breathing 24% oxygen and doing great, and we’ve also tried her on 22% for a couple hours and did great, too (we all breathe 21% oxygen so she’s getting there!). We haven’t done the official tests yet but I am hopeful the oxygen tanks will go away soon. She was even breathing completely on her own today for a minute or two and didn’t turn blue or struggle at all :) it was damn time, too, because she’s a 14 lb beast of a baby right now and I think 50% of that weight is in her little healing lungs. The other 50% is going to catch-up growth. I have a bunch of 3-month clothes to give away now because she outgrew them overnight, and some of her new 6-month stuff barely fits.

Here’s a picture for your viewing pleasure. This was on Thursday when she had a scheduled cannula change AND she’d yanked out her NG tube a couple minutes earlier. Check out the cute!!!!