Saturday Night Social: Obama and Kids

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In celebration of Black History Month, activist Michael Skolnik kicked off a hashtag on Twitter of all our President’s most adorable moments with children.

#ObamaAndKids has been trending all day. It’s why the phrase “ow, my ovaries” was invented. Please share your favs, or any other pictures of adults being great with kids. Yes, that includes adults of the domestic cat and dog persuasion.


Happy Saturday!

Image via DJ Styles.

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AllieCat demands hats on cats-is probable weirdo

I was laid off last night from the production company I was working for last night.

Rationally, I knew this might be coming as they have laid off a bunch of people from post-production since January, and also I know that I didn’t really want to continue in this job forever. But I thought I was guaranteed at least a couple of more months with the show I was working on (so I wasn’t actively worried or looking for something new). Then suddenly, yesterday, it’s over. I feel like I have no right to be surprised but I am. And sad.

Hopefully with unemployment, I’ll have some time to write (even if things will be tight financially) and actually find a job I’m passionate about but...I’m still really bummed. And really anxious. I really didn’t think that I’d turn 30 and be this unsure about everything in my life or this financially unstable. You spend your early 20's thinking you have so much time to figure it all out, and then you just....don’t. I feel like I passed the invisible line where I was supposed to hunker down and get it together without even realizing it, and now, I don’t quite know where I am anymore or what I’m doing.

And I can’t figure out how to put myself on a path to something anymore. It like I can hear the cheering as everyone else runs the race but I’m wandering in the hills above the path like tripping over tree roots and wondering what I’m going to do when it gets dark. Also, I’m wearing some sort of clown suit and why didn’t I put on normal running clothes in the first place if I knew I was running a race? Who puts on a clown suit to go running? This is why I’m going to fail at everything.

Okay-done with the heavy handed metaphors, I more...I’ll just finish with the thought that I’m a plastic bag in a world of paper only in the wind just rolling down the sidewalk adrift at seas without a lifeboat, a kitten without a hat.....ooof.