Saturday Night Social: Now This Is Art

Jamie French
Jamie French
Screenshot: YouTube

There are good uses of your time, and then there are great uses of your time. Painting a tiny face on to your bigger face with makeup is absolutely, unequivocally, inarguably, a great use of your time. Should you need convincing outside of my recommendation, although I’m not quite sure why you would, you need look no further than this video posted on YouTube by Jamie French, which has given me all the strength I need to carry on.


Over the course of the eight-minute and sixteen-second video, French transforms her normal, human woman sized face into a much smaller, not-quite-human-woman sized face that is kind of giving me if-komboucha-girl-were-a-Who-from-Whoville vibes, and I’ve never needed something I didn’t know I needed more in my entire life. Honestly, I was more moved by French’s video than I have been by any piece of modern art I’ve seen in the last half-decade, and I’ve been to several museums so that’s saying quite a bit.

Also, last night I watched Mona Lisa Smile, which I feel really primed me to have French’s video brought into my life and thusly for me to proclaim it art. “Art isn’t art until someone says it is,” says Kirsten Dunst as one of my least favorite characters in cinematic history, Betty Warren. “It’s art!” shouts back Julia Roberts as Katherine Watson, who I love more than I could ever possibly say. It’s art! is also what I shouted at my computer screen while watching this video, and therefore it is.

Unfortunately, I have neither the skill nor the supplies necessary at my disposal to attempt this worthy endeavor, although a quick internet search tells me that apparently this is a growing trend right now, and so I will sate my thirst for a tiny face on my face by watching every video like this I can find. Has anyone out there tried a tiny face yet? If so, please please please drop your pictures below, I am desperate for the serotonin shock they give my soul.


Cheers Pink Ears!

Whay have you been cooking? We celebrated our tenth anniversary yesterday the best we could with everything shut down, I made arancini, and tried to make them look “fancy” since we normally would have gone somewhere nice for a big occasion.

And I made some cookies, since we’re running low on flour. These were really good, very chewy and brownie-like, you melt the butter and chocolate together, then add the flour mixture. I pulled out my special black cocoa powder, but frozen raspberries.