Saturday Night Social: Neiman Marcus Sold Out of Its $66 Frozen Collard Greens

The Neiman Marcus “Christmas Book” is always full of extravagant items you’d never really want anyway—like a $35 reusable water bottle made of marble or a $120,000 slumber party at the company’s flagship store in Dallas.

Now the Internet is up in arms over the luxury retailer peddling a $66 dish of frozen collard greens that feeds 8-10 people and is “made in the USA.” And, no, those locally-sourced collards don’t come with a solid gold microwave. They come out to $81.50 with shipping.


But did Neiman Marcus go too far, or did it just accurately predict America? After all, its collards sold out within a couple weeks.

There is still time, however, to order the $80 baked bean “medley”.

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