Saturday Night Social: Neiman Marcus Sold Out of Its $66 Frozen Collard Greens

The Neiman Marcus “Christmas Book” is always full of extravagant items you’d never really want anyway—like a $35 reusable water bottle made of marble or a $120,000 slumber party at the company’s flagship store in Dallas.


Now the Internet is up in arms over the luxury retailer peddling a $66 dish of frozen collard greens that feeds 8-10 people and is “made in the USA.” And, no, those locally-sourced collards don’t come with a solid gold microwave. They come out to $81.50 with shipping.

But did Neiman Marcus go too far, or did it just accurately predict America? After all, its collards sold out within a couple weeks.

There is still time, however, to order the $80 baked bean “medley”.

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Hello! Long time reader but I created an account today because I really need some advice from liberal-minded folks. I want to assess if I reacted the right way to a racist situation, and get opinions on the best way to respond to racist comments. I am an American woman and my ethnicity is Korean. I live in Germany and it is not very diverse here. I face more ignorance and racism then I ever have in my life, and I am getting fed up.

Yesterday night, my girlfriends (one who is Malaysian, the other is white) and I were chatting on a busy city street, and were approached by two men, one of whom then asked “Can I just say something? CHING CHONG CHING CHING CHONG CHONG CHING CHONG!”

A beat of silence.

I completely *lost it* and started shouting at them, “Are you serious? GO FUCK YOURSELF.”

They insisted, “It’s just a joke! Can’t you take a joke!”

I continued to shout, “Fuck you!”

My friends shifted between telling them they were horrible and that they were not funny.

The guys walked off, all the while cursing back and pulling slanted-eye faces at us as they walked away. Slanted. Eye. Faces.

I was a little shaken afterwards. But I’m wondering if I could have reacted in a better way, a way to make an impact and get my point across. Should I have stayed calm and explained why that was an appropriate joke? A part of me knows they were definitely not trying to be nice and polite so fuck ‘em, a public shouting is what they deserve. Unless that was the point - they get off on a passionate response.

In general I need some advice on how to best respond to these kinds of comments (unless telling them to fuck off is the best way to go!).