Saturday Night Social: Manifest the Boss Energy of Ivanah, the Tiny Dancer

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Screenshot: ivanah.dancer (Instagram)

Ivanah Campbell is a 6-year-old from Port Elizabeth, South Africa who has achieved a small amount of internet fame for a simple reason: She absolutely fucking rules.


On Facebook and Instagram, where ivanah.dancer has roughly 18,000 followers, Ivanah posts videos of dance routines that she executes with a level of commitment and precision that is both astounding and inspiring. According to South Africa’s Herald, Ivanah studies swimming, hip-hop dance (her favorite), and ballet—though she is forced by her grandma to attend ballet, which relatably she finds boring.

Dancing, however, is her purpose. “I love music, it does something inside my heart,” she told The Herald. “When a song plays my body gets this itching feeling. I just want to dance.”

In case it’s not abundantly clear from the hair bows strapped to her buns, Ivanah also has supremely excellent style.


Strap those sequin shoes to my giant feet, thank you very much!

So I’m gonna channel Ivanah and dive into the weekend with some gusto, especially now that I’ve survived my first supremely terrifying tour as a gossip blogger. Good weekend to us all.


Hi Jezzies, thank you all so much for all your replies last week, they have helped me so much. I’m sorry I didn’t reply properly to all of them but I’m struggling with my depression and anxiety. Because of you guys I’m moving this week I am so overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity and love. Thank you all so very much❤️. Once I’ve moved me and Ollie are going to stay with family for a little while, I’m constantly worrying about everything even things I shouldn’t worry about, it’s draining l need a break and a chance to breathe. It will give me a chance to get a little bit of money together to go towards some bits for my new home as I won’t have to buy food etc and more importantly be with family as My mental health is quite bad at the moment and I’m not doing great being by myself for now. I’m going to take a break from my phone and all social media. Over the past few years I’ve had people look down on me when I was homeless, people not understand depression and anxiety and cut me out of their life, people looking down on me for struggling financially. From when I first arrived on SNS you guys have welcomed me, understood depression, understood that I constantly try, have never judged me, and have helped me more than I can ever express with mere words, I love you all and I will be back because sns and you guys mean the world to me. Love Maya xxx❤️❤️