Saturday Night Social: Love Is Love

Kicking off a flurry of marriages in California after US Circuit Court 9 lifted the four-year stay, Attorney General Kamala Harris married Kristin Perry and Sandra Spier, two of the plaintiffs in the case against Prop 8. All county houses in California are predicting super-busy marriage schedules for at least the next week. How fun is it to be in Cali right now?


Have a good weekend, errybody!

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YESS! , It's Saturday!! Can we talk about cats, PULLEEZE. Well, I'm going to anyway...So just now now I was sitting on my porch and my Maine Coon, Princess Sophie Fancypants - she looks like this only prettier,

brought me a very nice leaf arrangement, it looks like


Not to be outdone however my other Maine Coon, Mickey, this is him-

brought me a dead lizard, it looked like this till

he bit the poor things head off, then threw it up on the kitchen floor. Kitty siblings...I'm getting a dog next