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Saturday Night Social: Let's Sing 'Happy Birthday' to Clueless

This weekend, Clueless, one of the best teen films of all time, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.


Before exploding into excited applause while simultaneously bursting into tears because you feel “old,” please slowly and quietly put your fingers together to form a “W,” in honor of the film’s famous “Whatever” catchphrase.

How will you be celebrating on this glorious Saturday evening?

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ad infinitum

Can I ask for some love and good thoughts in my general direction? I don’t want to really get into it here, for a lot of reasons, but I had a terrible, terrible week and tomorrow I’m going to have to do one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s for the best and I need to do it, but it’s heartbreaking and I just can’t get it together to stop crying. Moral support would be greatly appreciated.