Saturday Night Social: Kenny Rogers's Retirement Post

Dolly Parton singing “I Will Always Love You” at Kenny Rogers’s farewell concert on October 25th. Image via the AP.
Dolly Parton singing “I Will Always Love You” at Kenny Rogers’s farewell concert on October 25th. Image via the AP.

It would have been nice if the Guardian hadn’t asked Kenny Rogers about politics (or the war on Christmas, which really puts a damper on the Christmas tunes), but you can be a real shitheel so long as you enable Dolly Parton to do this:

Just watch this pile of hair glide through the screaming masses, as the happiest voice in the world, the voice of Dolly Parton, rings out through the Memorial Coliseum. Sure, he does a schtick where he says she’ll poke his eye out with them boobies, but that’s their thing. Their Christmas jingles were not horrible.

Dolly Parton posted the Instagram photo above in honor of his retirement concert which was on Wednesday; Lionel Richie, Linda Davis, Reba McEntire, Don Henley and Kris Kristofferson were all there, too. The footage is to be broadcast at an unknown time, but People reports that Rogers and Dolly Parton sang “Islands in the Stream” again (which at this writing has 22.4 million views on YouTube), which means that millions are untangling cable cords and searching the couch cushions for remote controllers because nobody’s waiting an extra three hours for the YouTube bootleg of that.


In the meantime, travel back with Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, to a place somewhere in the old days you’ve never experienced but probably smells like Mary Kay perfume and every day was Christmas.

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ad infinitum

A few weeks ago I posted about my dog, Buster, who was just diagnosed with a degenerative spine disease. After a week of trying to keep him on bed rest, it became painfully clear that there’s no way I can do it properly (I live on the second floor, and he refuses to poop anywhere on our block, let alone the apartment complex).

So he’s been boarding for a week, and he has to stay for another week. I got very lucky — the woman who runs his old daycare out of her home does bed rest boarding, so he’s with someone he knows and likes, in a place he knows, not freaked out and terrified in a cage at a vet’s office.

But it’s still really hard, and I miss him like crazy. This the longest I’ve been away from him since I adopted him 4 years ago years, and I can’t visit him because it would just rile him up and upset him when I had to leave.

I asked for pictures, and he looks so sad. It’s breaking my heart. I know he’s fine — I trust the woman boarding him, and she said he was freaked for the first few days but now he’s mostly just bored. But look at his little face. I just want to swoop in and rescue him, and I can’t even see him until next weekend.