Saturday Night Social: Kamala Harris Endorses Joe Biden, According to Joe Biden

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
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After ending their presidential campaigns, pretty much everyone who’s not Elizabeth Warren sold their soul in exchange for some weird version of political clout I don’t completely comprehend — and by that I mean they all just went ahead and endorsed Joe Biden.


Pete did it, obviously, Amy did it, of course, Beto did it and I’m honestly still confused as to why it matters but the fact remains that he did it either way. And now, whether she actually has or not, it would appear Joe Biden is under the impression he has the endorsement senator Kamala Harris, who had previously demolished him over his stance on bussing during a debate.

“To all of Amy’s folks, to all of Pete’s folks, to all of Kamala’s folks, Beto’s folks, I’ll tell ya what, what a gigantic difference it’s made,” he said at a rally on Saturday morning to what can be best described as tepid applause.

I’m sure we’ll find out whether or not Harris has actually endorsed Biden in the coming days (ugh, weeks?), or if this was just another one of those slips of the tongue he’s becoming so well known for these days.

Either way, I hope you’re all having a great weekend and while you’re here I truly do have to know; if someone was going to endorse you for president, who would you want it to be? Mine answer is obviously all of the Dixie Chicks, whose new single I have literally not stopped listening to since it came out.

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Krispy Porkchops

Shelter Cat Update!

Jezzies, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your concern and kind thoughts last week. It meant the world to me. I am feeling better. The situation I alluded to is still being addressed, but things are okay for now.

Adoptions! No sooner had they settled in then Kringle and Elf went to their forever home last night. Right after one last round of wrestling each other (and that blue blanket).

Sissy is a free roamer now, and very happy about it.

Garfield is not thrilled. Sissy moves much more quicly to get one’s attention, unlike Sherman, who was A-DOP-TED!

Bayou is irrepressible, as usual.

Chase still plays hard to get. But I have my ways....

Tummy rub.

Then, harassment by string, accompanied by a butt rub.

That’s usually enough to get him off the shelf.

Here’s someone we haven’t seen in a while. Imagine my shock at seeing Erle Stanley...with another woman (Payday)!

And yet, just a couple hours later, he’s back with his original squeeze (Sundance).

When I began to to pet him, he started writhing around and positioned himself for a tummy rub, pushing Sundance right out of bed. He did the same thing to Sundance too! Hedonist!

Mama Frankie and brood still play cat chess.

Tia and Tamera, former FIV residents, were returned to us. Some strategically applied TLC and they are bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and purring up a storm.

At the same time, in the adjoining room, Paisley was executing his escape. I caught him trying to blend in with the buckets.

So I returned him to his room. And when I went upstairs (better signal) to text my supervisor about it, he BROKE OUT AGAIN. This time, I increased the security omn his door (“Think that’s going to keep me in? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” he laughs).

Savannah waits patiently for the shadows to return so she can play with them.

Patti’s room is turning into a love trap. Speck, the kitty who’d been hiding in the bin, is out and about and as demanding of attention as her roommates. Also, Goldfoot was adopted!

Patti finds new ways to bewitch me.

Yami has turned into a full-fledged lap slut.

Andy H. Pantherton, shy kitty. Work in Progress.