Saturday Night Social: Joan Jett Wants You To Touch Her There

Joan Jett turns 54 today, and above please find my personal favorite Joan Jett and the Blackhearts song for your enjoyment: "Do You Want To Touch Me There," a cover original sung by Gary Glitter ("Bad Reputation" is a close second in my heart, but it's hard to separate from another beloved piece of entertainment: Freaks and Geeks).


If you happen to be staying in this evening—not that I am, because I have a vivacious and flourishing social life (watching Portlandia with my cat, I mean, what?)—I recommend celebrating Jett's birthday with black forest cake and a hard-to-come-by copy of cult film Ladies And Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains.

Good night!

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Let me ask a work question. Would you do anything on a work computer without assuming that your activity is being monitored?

I ask because I work for an IT department and I recently found one of our own department members conducting personal business when he should have been working. I took a screenshot and sent it to our supervisor. Now this co-worker claims he feels violated because he didn't know anyone could see what he was doing. Never mind that the computer he was at is less than 6 feet in front of mine!