Saturday Night Social: It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

Hello Jezzies! Today is my last SNS with you lovely people, as I must now board my spaceship and journey back to my home planet. It has been a BLAST hosting this open thread for the past 9 months and I shall miss spending my nights and weekends reporting all the juicy news.


Tomorrow is technically my last day so you’ll get to experience a smidge more of my wisdom and grace. Otherwise, find me everywhere on the wild world of the internets @agentlover. Yes, it is a strange/sexy/questionable handle, but born during the fashion blog days of 2008 as a homage to Weetzie Bat—favorite book of teenaged moi. Keep in touch, wild thangs.


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Slay.douché - (dreams to be a puppy)

Hey Jezztones,

That dorky Hallmark instigated heart shaped conspiracy holiday is coming up. For those that might not be blessed in bliss - what are people’s favorite ways to distract yourself from it?

(or is it it just a universal chocolate, ice cream and sappy netflix movies all the way round? :P)