Saturday Night Social: I'm Just Going to Look at Frida Kahlo's Face For a Minute

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The news was pretty goddamn depressing today–not only of the violent protests in Charlottesville, where one death three deaths and 19 injuries are now confirmed–but try paging over to Instagram for entertainment and only find more Kardashian-Jenners (ahhh), or for humor, and these Kim Jung-Trump memes about nuclear annihilation (ahhh). I thought about uploading these videos Sean Spicer is posting from the White House (hey you, what are you doing there?), but the Trump administration can take a rest. Typically I’d look for some levity in an animal story, but a whale died.


We might as well talk about Jennifer Aniston’s nipples, I guess?

I’ll leave that for tomorrow’s Dirt Bag. Here’s a photo of Frida Kahlo, back when women had pores, and that was fine. That’s it.


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