Saturday Night Social: I Don't Wanna Say It

Holy shit people, it is Jon Secada's birthday today. He is 53 and remains the master of the goofy guilty pleasure jam. I don't even know what to do with myself right now, but I think I need to give my mother a call and inform her about this.

Honestly, I wouldn't have to tell her it's his birthday; she probably knows in her heart. Like, knows. Anyway, bask in this delightful goodness that is the best goddamn grocery store background music ever to have graced the tinny airwaves of a Safeway. God, this video is amazing. He's on the beach. He's in the water. He's in the rain. He's everywhere. Just try and find a good reason not to yell along to this song. Give me a reason—GIVE ME A REASON.


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