Saturday Night Social: Hosted by the 25-Year-Old 'Nirvana Baby'

Photo: John Chapple
Photo: John Chapple

Remember when Nirvana’s Nevermind came out and everyone thought the cover art was so cool? Spencer Elden doesn’t, because he was a tiny baby when his picture first graced the epic grunge album (cassette?). And I don’t remember, because I was the same age as that baby. And maybe you, dear reader, weren’t even born yet! Is it one of those images people instantly recognized as iconic, like the Madonna-Britney VMAs kiss?—or did everyone discover it in 2001, like I did? What I’m trying to get across is: I was born in the ’90s, very much so.


Anyway, 25 years later, the “Nirvana baby” is once again pictured in the swimming pool, arms outstretched, only now he’s wearing pants and there’s no money for him to reach out to. Speaking as someone with a pretty good memory of the 2010s, I can say that, yes, that’s how it turned out for many of us early-’90s babes.

The pictures were taken in honor of the album’s 25th anniversary, according to the New York Post. “It would be nice to have a quarter for every person who has seen my baby penis,” Elden told the Post. Millennials, am I right? Get this guy to stump for Hillary Clinton. I don’t even know what the West Wing is.

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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

Alright guys and gals, how many of you people took the Pottermore Patronus test this week? I, in a real life version of ‘oh my god my parents were right’, found the whole thing to be an exercise in “be careful what you wish for”. As in, there’s no way a quiz that never asks the same questions could ever give you anything more than a result that was random yet somewhat also not (I suspect that when you take it, you’re already starting off with a small batch of options; the test just narrows one down from there).

Anyway, I guess my point is what animal do you think you’d actually have as a patronus (or for fans of The Golden Compass, a daemon)? (Feel free to include the Pottermore results if you’d like as well.) I’m fairly certain mine would be a polar bear.