Saturday Night Social: Hosted By Rose McGowan, Asia Argento, and Annabella Sciorra

Rose McGowan, Asia Argento, and Annabella Sciorra–all of whom have accused Harvey Weinstein of rape–hung out on Friday. Anthony Bourdain, who’s currently dating Argento, cooked for them. They ate sweet sweet revenge, and they will serve up just desserts (okay okay).


McGowan also tagged Ronan Farrow, who wrote several New Yorker exposées on Weinstein. Over on his own page, Farrow might be getting a dig in at NBC by posting a TBT of what looks like an on-camera interview with a woman who appears, from behind, to be McGowan, and tagging NBC News producer Rich McHugh. An NBC “insider” tells Fox that this is the first frame of one of his interviews, for which McHugh risked his job, Farrow has tweeted. Fox speculates that he’s taunting NBC for its decision not to run the footage.

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The Real Janelle

Hey guys!

We went to a Walk for Preemies today here in Santiago and we saw so many preemie success stories. We didn’t take Catalina of course but it was great fun and I hope we can take her next year. Here she is with the hat we got:

She was measured yesterday: 22.8" tall and THIRTEEN freaking pounds!!! She is already outgrowing some of her 3 month outfits, so I think she’s taller than that, but we will check with the doctor on Tuesday. She also aced her sleep oxygenation study so we’re down to 26% oxygen, sometimes even 24% (that’s not enough when she’s asleep but works otherwise). Sometimes she’s still satting high so I guess we could go even lower but that’s what’s doctor approved right now.

Development-wise, she started batting at toys about two weeks ago and progressed to grabbing pretty soon. She also rolled over, front to back, a couple times yesterday :D she can only do it one way but hey, I’ll take what I can! She’s been doing great with the physical therapy so we’re really happy about that. Her flat head is also slowly getting rounder again. Next up, I hope, is some cooing or laughing - she usually doesn’t make any sounds except when crying, but recently started vocalizing when she’s hungry. I’m not too concerned about it but apparently she should be doing more.

She turned 4 months corrected today - just huge and unbelievable. Here’s another picture from the other day. I showed it to her and she laughed at the cute baby :)

We love you all!