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In an interview published in TheĀ Times of London on Saturday, Michael Sheen said he will stop acting ā€œfor the time beingā€ in order to focus completely on fighting the ā€œdemagogic, fascisticā€ politics that have been winning elections throughout the Western world. Sheen cited Trumpā€™s election victory and the Brexit vote as part of his motivation for leaving Hollywood.

ā€œIt will be a big change for how people relate to me,ā€ Sheen told the Times. ā€œOnce Iā€™m in, Iā€™m fully in, and this is big. As soon as you start to be effective, then people try to crush you, because itā€™s dangerous.ā€

The Frost/Nixon actor told the Times he plans to return to his hometown of Port Talbot, Wales and dedicate himself to organizing on a grassroots level. ā€œIn the same way as the Nazis had to be stopped in Germany in the ā€˜30s, this thing that is on the rise has to be stopped,ā€ Sheen said. ā€œItā€™s not going to look like this in 10 yearsā€™ time. Everything has shifted. The dice are being rolled again.ā€

Or....maybe not? A few hours after the interview was published, Sheen walked back his remarks a lot:


But heā€™s still a pretty radical dude, right?