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Saturday Night Social: Hosted By McDonald's New Nutella Burger

Screenshot: Facebook
Screenshot: Facebook

Some lighter fare to top off the day: McDonald’s Italy announced via Facebook on Thursday that the country’s golden arch outposts will now serve a Nutella burger called the “Sweety con Nutella”. Come to think of it, sounds awful heavy.


It’s not really a savory snack, so much as a pastry that assertively reminds one of a hamburger while eating it. In other words, now you can have the mouthfeel of two deglazed buns fused together by a chocolate-hazelnut-flavored glue stick, but with the intellectual stimulation that accompanies munching on a hamburger.

Is this the post where I finally reveal I don’t even like Nutella? Guess so.

Enjoy your melted candy sandwiches, Italians.

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So, thanks to the Trump coup, I’m thinking of selling my house and renting for a few years. Zillow has this place valued a good deal higher than it was when I bought it, and if they’re more or less right (they may not be, in which case this will be entirely moot), I could live on the equity for a good few years or more, even if federal disability insurance is repealed.

Downside: This would mean I might not be able to buy again, depending how bad the economic depression that I fully expect turns out to be, and I do really like owning. My small personal income could get a lot smaller or even disappear if investments bounce very badly. In that event, I might well be limited to renting for the rest of my life.

Upside: It would mean I could live anywhere in the States. I wouldn’t be eligible to emigrate (no nation wants a disabled person who isn’t a good bit richer than I), but the U.S. is wide open. Current shellshock has me feeling kinda homesick, so I’m looking at Massachusetts, but I could also go entirely the other way and seek another desert region with an even lower cost of living than where I am now. That way the sum from the house would last quite a lot longer, and also I’d get to explore another new place. Climate is a concern too. I do feel a lot better where it’s more arid. The Northeast humidity is hard on me.

On the other hand, I know how things work in Massachusetts, and feel steady on my feet there in a way I might not in another region. This hasn’t bothered me previously, living in the Southwest, but with the nation’s future uncertain, it does now. There’s a sense of safety, however illusory, in knowing where you are with things, both culturally and with regard to business matters.

I think I’ll have to decide this for myself, really, so I’m not sure I’m exactly looking for advice, but I’m certainly open to suggestions!

Mainly, looking to kick it around — interested in what others are thinking, if some may be considering the same “get out while the getting’s good” kind of idea. And if so, what you think you’ll do.