Photo: AP

As much as I despise Donald Trump and love to curse, I’m not terribly excited about Lana Del Rey deciding she’s an anti-Trump witch now.

On Thursday, the singer voiced her support for a series of worldwide binding spells being performed by the witchcraft community to hex the president (the first took place on Friday).

Rolling Stone published an article on Friday explaining what’s brewing between witches and the Trump administration:

The instructions to participate in the witches’ spell call for a “tiny stub of an orange candle” to represent Trump, and an optional piece of fool’s gold. (Nobody can say that witches don’t have a sense of humor.) Over candles and a Tower tarot card (representing “the end,” “destruction,” and “having plans disrupted” – and also perhaps a nod to the president’s signature building), participants are to call on spirits to “Bind [Trump] so that he shall not […] fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear, or despair,” among other things.


Elsewhere, I’ve read that a baby carrot also works well as a representation of Trump.

Truth be told, none of this is my thing, but maybe I’ll say a little incantation tonight anyway to resurrect the Del Rey Twitter presence of years past. I liked it better.