Saturday Night Social: Hosted By Christian Siriano's Balls-to-the-Wall NYFW Show

Image via shutterstocknow on Instagram.
Image via shutterstocknow on Instagram.

The headline for Project Runway OG Christian Siriano’s tenth NYFW show is that he got Danielle Brooks, Selma Blair, and Ashley Graham to walk, which is pretty fucking great. Plus he orchestrated a situation in which attendees Laverne Cox, Whoopi Goldberg, Meg Ryan, Cardi B, Rihanna, and Molly Shannon all sat in a row, meaning that any combination of those people possibly engaged in conversations, a potentially limitless number of things to be said:

  • What does Molly Shannon say to Cardi B when she needs her to spare a square?
  • What would Rihanna say to Cardi B if she spilled her drink on her?
  • What would Cardi B say to Rihanna if she spilled her drink on her?
  • Who would win in an avalanche situation in which all those ladies were forced to survive over a several week period trapped in the same room?
  • Is “fierce” still happening?

But more to the point, when can I get the knockoff of what Ashley Graham is wearing?? I nominate the red floor length fur overcoat dress-with-thigh high boot pairing for most fierce, but you decide.


Happy Saturday!


Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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The Real Janelle

Hi! I haven’t checked in in a long while but I thought you guys would want to know how Catalina is doing! Info and pics to follow!

She is now 6 and a half months corrected and seems to still be developing like a normal child. She’s wearing 9-month clothes and completely bypassed the 6-month stage because I got her a bodysuit in that size and it was instantly too small. She can sit with a little assistance as she still falls to the side like a block, but I think unassisted sitting will come soon. She seems to be teething, because she doesn’t want to eat much and is biting all of us all the time, but no one has been able to find anything in her gums. She’s starting to taste food and doesn’t care for it, but we’re really keen on her eating because we’re spending a fortune on her formula.

Her favorite toy is this giraffe that we got from Tupiniquim back in October :D and she also likes this musical cube that her father got for her. She likes to kick the piano keys and it’ll play some music. She kicks and punches SO hard, you guys, that I try not to give her hard stuff or I just keep out of the way.

She is not using any oxygen during the day now. She still uses some at night, because we haven’t got the official clearance to remove it for good, but I think it’s gonna be another week or two. She’s sleeping next to me right now, no oxygen, and satting just fine at 95%. She’s still on CPAP but she has an exam on Monday to check her airway and if it looks cool we’ll start weaning her out. I have to say that we cheat sometimes and remove her whole gear to give her a bath, and she has managed to breathe on her own for up to an hour, no problem at all. I don’t want to rush her, but I’m sure we’re almost done :)

As for us parents, we’re in the middle of a big crisis right now and Cat’s father has moved out (if temporarily or not, I still haven’t decided). About a month ago I discovered that he’d spent $300 playing Pokemon Go over 45 days or so (you usually spend like, a buck in each purchase so he bought a whole lot of stuff). You can imagine that we have not a penny to spare right now, but he did that, and I was already concerned about his playing habits because we saw very little of him during the weekends. This triggered my being absolutely fed up and fucking done with being the only one who tries to keep the house together and somehow deal with our hospital debt, and that in turn made me think about how I do most of the mental load (because I’m the woman so obvs) and most of the cleaning and also pay most of the bills and some of his personal expenses even, while I can’t even, I don’t know, go get my fucking nails done because I can’t afford to. I love him very much, but I don’t like him right now. He’s been gone since yesterday (so not a lot) but I just want to take my time to put myself first, and relax a bit, and then see if I like having a husband more than I like having just my own shit to deal with. Anyway, we’ll figure it out. Catalina is doing just fine so that keeps me afloat. :)

I love all y’all.