Saturday Night Social: Hosted By Beyoncé, Solange AND Missy Elliot

Oh hell yes, look at this dream team. Beyoncé and Solange attended FYF Fest in Los Angeles, where they were spotted dancing to Missy Elliot’s song “I’m Better” off her forthcoming album, Popsugar reports. Then they gathered around for this shot, and everyone looks amazing, duh.


Night blogger at Jezebel

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Surprise! Hippopotamus

Thinking of painting my living room bright orange - yay or nay? We have very light brown (almost golden) hardwood floors and gray bookcases. Walls are currently just plain white (new build house, so just builders’ grade paint). Couch is light brown leather, as is one chair. Other armchair is bright yellow. We have a large painting on the wall that’s mostly black and white and gray, but with flicks of orange, which is where I got the idea.

Will I regret bright orange? Hit me with your successes and failures of bright colours!