Saturday Night Social: Hosted By an Air Force Member Surprising His Mom for Christmas

Image via Brittany Pettis on Facebook.
Image via Brittany Pettis on Facebook.

A desensitized blogger heart grew three sizes this day, upon watching this video of an Air Force member surprising his mom for Christmas. Memphis’s Channel 3 reports that Grant Jackson and his sister Brittany Pettis planned the reunion after he’d been away for two years in Japan, and their video unexpectedly went viral for obvious reasons. Pettis posted it on Facebook with the caption:

“After almost 2 years of being away, we surprised mom. #mybrothermyairmanmyhero He is finally home from Japan. The best and only Christmas gift I wanted.”

Every year, conventional wisdom goes that, after reaching adulthood, family time is a chore, and nobody likes their [crazy uncle/sibling/step parent], and we can’t wait to get back to autonomous decision-making about meal times and TV programming.


But we don’t really mean it.

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Cooking thread!

Today I cooked the porridge part of the traditional Christmas dessert in my country (I am Danish). The dessert is calked risalamande and I love love love it! This is what it looks like when finished:

I also has Nigella’s Forgotten Cookies in the oven. Am really excited to taste them tomorrow.

Being Danish I celebrate christmas on the evening of the 24th. This year it is just me, the Dutchie and our cat, so we are taking the stress free solution of ordering in. We shall feast on bifteki, gyros, pitas, tzatziki in shameless amounts, fries and a homemade Greek salad with lots of feta 😊

What are/have you been cooking, Jezzies?