Saturday Night Social: Hosted By a Tweet About 'Daddy'

I’d recommend not looking up “daddy discourse” on Twitter. Don’t. Doooooon’t.

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Captain Janeway

I hope I’m not stepping on any toes, but here be your COMPLAINT THREAD.

I’m having a terribly frustrating day. I woke up at 7am for a 9am haircut that was a disaster. I came home and decided to make myself breakfast tacos. As I was cooking, I went to put something in the sink, and didn’t see that my dog had snuck into the kitchen to investigate and look for scraps. I tripped over her, and fell backwards onto the tile and bumped my head. And then I yelled at her and she was subdued all day and I feel really, really bad about that.

Later this afternoon, I decided I wanted to make a fruit crisp (peach and blueberry, it turned out GREAT). What did I discover as I was rooting around the pantry for pecans? Moths. Moths all in my grains and pecans and flour and rice. So no pecans in the crumble, and then I had to throw everything out and try to kill the motherfuckers.

Then I got in a giant fight with my sisters. And then it stormed. The rain hasn’t fucking let up for a goddamn week. Bad rain that led to giant pools of water in the yard that scared me, plus the weather guys were talking about catastrophic flooding, and I’m home alone. And it’s supposed to rain 10+ inches tonight. Any other adults afraid of weather like this big baby? Texas has ruined rain for me, all I do is think about storms and tornadoes and shit.

Whew. Sorry. I am drinking wine and trying to unwind. Feel free to commiserate and join in, we all have a sympathetic ear.