Saturday Night Social: Hosted By a Squirrel Sanctuary That's Also a Sex Club

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

What could be better than a news story about a guy in Colorado challenging authorities for shutting down his squirrel sanctuary that also has a sex club on premises? Only that this dude is throwing, “the biggest Halloween party ever,” anyway.


The Guardian reports that the owner of the facility, Kendall Seifert, is due in court in November on 21 criminal charges. These include animal rehabilitation license violations, an attempt to bribe a public officer, and the illegal transportation of wildlife, according to Colorado Public Radio. In other words, it is the squirrels, not the swingers, who are causing all this controversy.

This magical place, which officials recently raided, hosts a variety of activities including adult nudist gatherings, foam parties, fine dining, and all the stuff that squirrels do.

“There was no cruelty to the animals,” Seifert told The Guardian. “The only cruelty was officers coming in with guns and raiding Squirrel Creek.”

Anyway, if you live in the Littleton, Colorado area and dream of partying naked amidst more than 100 squirrels, then this night, my friend, is for you.


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Pet thread! Apparently today is all about bragging about my dogs.

This afternoon Buster arranged several of his favorite stuffed toys on the rug and then snuggled up and went to sleep (I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but the light was bad):

Post your cute pics!