Saturday Night Social: Hillary Clinton Makes History

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Tonight, we give it up for Hillary Rodham Clinton, badass texter and general awesome all-around ladyperson. On this day in 1999, Clinton basically made motherfucking history when she announced her intention to run for office in the United States Senate, a pretty much unprecedented move for the wife of a president. I heard she went on to do some other cool stuff after that, too. (SERIOUSLY I LOVE THIS WOMAN SO MUCH FOR REAL)


So that's it for me for another couple of days. I'm leaving you with a little Luke Bryan because it is indeed, time for me to take my drunk ass home, before the ladies at Jezebel figure out I'm the one that's been eating all their Ben & Jerry's Liz Lemon Frozen Yogurt.

Have a fun and safe Saturday Night, y'all!

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Hey Jezzies
What's the one gift you want this holiday season? (World peace and naked Idris Elba do not count, as desirable as both unquestionably are, because we all want those.)
I mean practical gift ideas for this festive season. Links would be most appreciated. Thanks!