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Saturday Night Social: Hey, Do I Know You from Somewhere?

It happens to the best of us. We’re at a party hanging out, minding our business and probably searching for a pet to interact with while avoiding awkward social interaction when, bam, we’re brought face to face with someone who looks vaguely familiar, although we can’t quite pinpoint how we know them.


Do you introduce yourself and risk the uncomfortable “we’ve actually met seven times before” scenario, or just say hi and hope for the best?

Luckily for this Starbucks barista, the do I don’t I know you situation played out in the best possible way when it turned out that the customer in line actually was former presidential hopeful Julián Castro and not just some random doppelgänger. If only we all could be so lucky.


What do you think the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development was ordering? 

freelance writer living in San Francisco. Please clap.

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Hi Jezzies

Happy New Year!!

Hope you’re all doing well.

A relative of mine treated me to a break over New Year at their home on the Isle of Wight, a little island about 20 miles from where I live and it was a much needed break by the sea and I think it’s done me a bit of good mental health wise. I’m feeling very positive for the coming year, I’ve cut back on a few things and I’m halfway to saving for my cooker so in a few months I will have proper cooking facilities YAY!! and then I can move on to the next big thing on my list. After that I will have the bulk of stuff I lost when I became homeless and can move on to saving for the smaller things I need. I’m determined this year to keep the positivity I’m feeling right now going. It’s been a long hard struggle coming back from living in a homeless hostel and dealing with the reality of having a breakdown and losing everything and arriving at the hostel with just my clothing, scared beyond belief and not sure where I was going to end up. Sitting looking at the sea a lot over the new year was peaceful and relaxing and has helped immensely. Things will get better. I will get there. Life will get better.