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Saturday Night Social: Grasshopper Apocalypse

Las Vegas is experiencing a deluge of grasshoppers, and the swarm is so thick that the National Weather Service is warning drivers it could impact visibility on roads. That would be...a terrible way to die.


According to NBC,

State entomologist Jeff Knight said in a news conference Friday the grasshopper population was likely nourished by the Southwest’s relatively wet winter and spring. He said the insects are relatively harmless and will likely stay for a few more weeks before continuing to migrate north.


Harmless until you crash your car on the grasshopper-slick road into a grasshopper-coated dumpster, or choke on one in your sleep! On the bright side, they are delicious in tacos. Embrace your fate, Vegas.

Night blogger at Jezebel

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Hi Jezzies

I just wanted you all to know that I have not scammed any of you, that I am not a grifter. This was my safe place where I gradually over the past 2 years grew to trust people, where I felt safe to talk about the ups and downs of my life. Where I could talk about my worries. In turn I have watched you all talk about your ups and downs, your fears and your triumphs and cared deeply about things you are all going through whether good, bad, sad or happy. I am thankful for every single one of you, it’s what makes sns. I adore nearly all of you and it upsets me that someone thinks I’m

A liar, a grifter, a con artist. I’m not and I’m grateful to you all that are my friends and accept me for being me. Love Maya xx

With love Maya x