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Saturday Night Social: Gina Rodriguez Will Voice Carmen Sandiego in Netflix's Upcoming Animated Series

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Instead of leaving you with a wretched image of some asshole with access to at least five T-shirts and a daddy who’s president, I’ve opted for some far more exciting and fun news: Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez will live out every adventurous child’s dream of being Carmen Sandiego, or at least her voice, in Netflix’s forthcoming animated series based on the video game Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?.


Tracking Board reported the news on Friday, which Rodriguez confirmed via Twitter.


Apparently Netflix has ordered 20 episodes already for your future binge watching pleasure. It means that someday soon you will be muttering to yourself about where in the world your weekend went, but for now, for tonight, it’s still trench-coat weather. Time to go out.

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UsagiBunny*can't star anyone*

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We had to euthanize my poor, sweet Mocha who has been with me for 7 years. The kid crushed her chest causing internal bleeding, a broken rib, and severe shock.

Mocha was my friend and love for longer than I’ve been married, longer than I’ve been a mom. If only I had kept the kids away from her she’d still be with us. I fucking hate kids. I want my bunny back so badly I’m in physical pain.