Celebrity hippo Fiona the Hippo–the preemie hippo who beat all the odds in an inspirational story of love, struggle, hope, and joy (promo text for her Facebook show)–has hit yet another milestone: she is 500 pounds! And she gained it all from hippo milk and pre-chewed hay! You go girl! (500 lbs may seem like a lot, but according to the San Diego Zoo, adult females average around 3,000).

Her social media team has put out a dramatic portrait to mark the occasion. She’s reflecting, I think, on how far she’s come


In other news, her father Henry has been under the weather, so they have been lately reunited after a brief separation. They’re dancing and rearing their heads and smiling and blowing bubbles and letting the fish feed on their heads because swimming is fun, and hippos are buoyant.

Furthermore, she has made it clear to her handlers that she does not like bubbles, but just when you fear that social media is turning her into a diva, she farts bubbles of joy. :)