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Saturday Night Social: Elon Musk Reportedly Donated to a Republican PAC

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Hard to believe that Elon Musk, a man who spent tons of money on a submarine no one needed then bragged about it, who finds that being called a billionaire “devalues” him, would donate money to directly benefit the Republic party, and yet today’s reports reveal just that.


Salon reported on Saturday that the SpaceX and Tesla CEO was one of the 50 top donors to a Republic PAC named Protect the House, which does just what you’d think: helps keep Republicans in control of Congress. Musk donated $38,000, according to the report. In many ways, this is rich, one of those being that Musk has called himself a socialist in the past, although to be fair his definition of socialism sounds remarkably like capitalism.


Twitter will doubtless continue to mock Musk for at least 24 hours, but here are some reactions to start you off.


Meanwhile, Nate Silver is ready and willing as always to miss the actual point:


By which I mean, not believing in anything and only ensuring your interests are well taken care of by other powerful people is a defacto conservative stance and Musk should be fucking embarrassed (but I’m guessing he won’t be). Then, consider this:


Enjoy your weekends, and for the love of god trade in your Teslas!!!

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