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Saturday Night Social: Clearly Canadian and New York Seltzer Are Back

Illustration for article titled Saturday Night Social: Clearly Canadian and New York Seltzer Are Back

I know most of us are against reboots, but two very important classics are returning to our poor, middling lives: Clearly Canadian and Original New York Seltzer! For my fellow beverage enthusiasts, it is a time of celebration.


It’s been over two decades since Original New York Seltzer went out of business. That’s quite a long time since a bottle of their iconic flavor, Black Cherry Soda, has graced anyone’s lips. The carbonated beverage is now available to purchase online and will be coming to stores in the next few weeks. According to Food & Wine, Clearly Canadian has also returned with venture capitalist Robert R. Kahn at its helm. We’ll be seeing those crystal clear bottles on shelves this August. In the meantime, let’s enjoy a couple of my favorite O.G. New York Seltzer and Clearly Canadian videos.

Will this start an ongoing trend of the return of 90s-era beverages? If so, I vote Fruitopia and Orbitz to be next. The thirst is so very real.


Happy Saturday!

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ad infinitum

Can I get some love and moral support, Jezzies?

I had to put down my kitty today. Curt was 16, and he was very ill, and it was his time to go, but I’m still heartbroken. I adopted him and his two brothers when they were wee little kittens, the whole litter, in 1999. Both his brothers died years ago, and he was my last one (my last kitty, I mean—I still have two dogs). I’ve had him almost my entire adult life, and him just being gone is really hard to wrap my mind around. Walking away from his body at the vet was just devastating, and I’ve spent most of the day crying off and on while cuddling my puppies a whole lot.