Saturday Night Social: Cheryl and Larry Hated Each Other

Tonight, celebrate Cheryl Hines's birthday just like the weird, celebrity-obsessed sycophant you are. Seriously, you don't even know Cheryl Hines. Why are you blowing out the candles on a cake you bought for her? It's super weird.


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One of my friends is freaking out because her 12 year old daughter just started her period and wants to wear tampons. My opinion is that she could give her a slim fit and let her go out and swim, dance, run like she used to before and that the emphasis should be on her daughter's comfort in managing this new life event.

But mom thinks that children have no business inserting things into their bodies and she isn't an adult and that tampons are too sexual.

I'm not in the business of telling people how to raise their children and although I think it is silly, I'm just going to drop it. But I'm just curious as to whether this is something other women went through with their parents. No one ever really concerned themselves with what I used. Is this really a thing?