Photo: Instagram

Donald Trump Jr. posted a campaign ad on his Instagram Friday night that genuinely terrified some folks. The ad, featuring three of Donald Trump’s five spawn, is targeted toward millennials and students, which as we all know are the most obscenely wealthy demographics and the least likely to smile.

“This is not a Republican vs. Democrat election,” reads the accompanying text. “This is about an insider verses an outsider.” Based on the quality of the Trump kids’ hair, clothes, facial expressions, and the room they are in, I wager that they are the insiders. Any takers?

As an image the ad it is not bad, it definitely holds one’s attention. There is always more to notice about it. For instance, Eric Trump’s eyes are the emptiest of the three, and his lips the most ardently clenched.

Twitter noticed some things too.

Tiffany, Trump’s other adult child, was notably missing.

Please remember to vote for the people who care and are just like you. The ones with the cold, dead faces.