Bro. Bro. Bro. Bro. Seriously, bro, Ben Affleck hosts the 38th season finale of Saturday Night Live tonight with a really obscure toe dancer named Kanye West. Here's hoping they throw Baaahston more teasing/love, like they did in the old-school Jimmy Fallon/Rachel Dratch skits.


You think Kim will cameo? You think she changed her shoes? Change your shoes, Kim! It hurts me.

Have a lovely evening, bros.

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Jezzies! I need makeup help!

I'm looking for drugstore (read: cheap) cream blushes and highlighters. I'm very pale, and can look kind of washed out if I don't have enough color on my face.

(I'm also not really sure how to apply either of these things, so any help there would also be appreciated.)