Saturday Night Social: Back on the Chain Gang

I didn't realize how sad the story behind this song really was.

Chrissie Hynde wrote and dedicated the song to James Honeyman-Scott, guitarist and founding member of the Pretenders who had died after overdosing on heroin and cocaine two days after the band kicked out bass player Pete Farndon for his drug habit. Damn. On that note, have a good Saturday night!(?)



I have two areas of concern this week. Gimme suma dat Jezzie advice pretty please!


I'm twenty, just got out of a super shitty LTR about a month ago and I believe that I am ready to move on now. I'm a serial monogamist, I suppose- 3 relationships with 3 men since I was fifteen. First one lasted 10 months, second one lasted 2 years, third one was on again, off again for two years, and then I've done some dating in between. I believe that it would be best for me to stay single for a LONG WHILE and just learn how to be myself, by myself again. I'm really just not interested in men in a romantic aspect currently.

The problem? I'm really horny, you guys! I masterbate on the reg and have toys and all that jazz but its just not as good as having skin-to-skin contact with another person, you know? I've honestly never had actual casual sex before, but I think that I would like to try it. I think I might like it. But I just have no idea how or where to start. So how does one become a slut?

I have some social anxiety and am just pretty socially awkward in general so I just dont know how these things work. I really wish you could just lay eyes upon an attractive person and walk up to them and propose sex. That would make things a lot easier.

I guess what I am asking is how do I propose casual sex to someone? And also how do I make sure that this stranger that I am going to be having sex with isn't an axe murderer? What if they are all axe murderers? Is it even remotely safe to have sex with a stranger? Is casual sex overrated? Am I going to regret it? Why is it so hard to find non-creepy people have sex with in this world?

2. Should I move to Las Vegas?

I've lived in several different places in my life and I am currently living in LA. I kind of hate LA though in the way that most people do because, you know... LA. I think I'm ready for another fresh start. Ideally I would like to live in Seattle or Portland, but I'm deathly afraid of the cold (that's half the reason I'm even still in LA) and everyone says that I wouldn't be able to stand the weather in the North East. So Las Vegas? Its urban, its not cold, I know some people out there and it will certainly be something different for me.

I've never actually been there though and I'm worry about its reputation as PARTYPARTYPARTY city because that's not me at all. I not into gambling, strip clubs, or drinking so I never really thought that it would be my kind of place, but everyone I talk to about it says that its really not like that and its actually just the kind of weird and campy that I would love. So does anyone have any experience with visiting or residing there? What was it like for you? Do you think I should pack up my car come spring and pull a Fear and Loathing?