Saturday Night Social: Add These Golden Girls Panties to Your Wishlist

Illustration for article titled Saturday Night Social: Add These iGolden Girls/i Panties to Your Wishlist

The one thing you’ve never known you’ve always wanted actually exists, and is readily available on Etsy. Golden Girls-themed granny panties!

You can indulge in all four styles as a set or grab a solo pair, including these crotchless ones featuring my personal feminist icon, Blanche Deveraux. Etsy seller Candice Pugh told Huffington post she had been “day dreaming about making these for a while.” Let’s all thank her. There’s other interesting intimates, like this Bob Ross pair. Might as well stock up for the new year!

Happy Saturday!

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Image via Etsy.

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What the fuck Hamburger?

I already posted this guy on Jez this week, but he was my first present this year, I unreservedly love him, and receiving him was basically the only decent thing that happened all week.

Plus my husband seemed initially to hate it, so Santa Rex is a bit of passive aggressive revenge for every part of the house currently afflicted with husband’s busy, decorative style.