Saturday Night Social: A Cadbury Creme Egg Pizza

For when you want to either give up on or jump start your life.

Pizza gives me a lot of feelings I’ve had to confront lately, like when I encountered this deeply sad 5 dollar laminated slice in Whole Foods yesterday:

It was explained to me that this abomination comes from the chefs at Table 87 via Shark Tank. I think it is wrong and bad, but please share your pizza feelings in the comments.

Make a joyful noise for pizza. Happy Saturday!

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Dr. Mabuse

Hey Jezzies, whatcha drinking? I’m having a Krakow Kitty. I refuse to refer to a drink this delicious as a Moscow Mule, being a Pole and all, so Krakow Kitty it is! I finished all of the work for my class, and got 399.31 out of 400 points. Professor is rounding it up to 100%, not that it matters, because an A is an A. He showed a graph of the class averages and I was the only A, so I destroyed the learning curve and turned it into a flat line. Sorry/not sorry. I celebrated by using some of my giftmas money and went out and bought a new smart TV with built-in Roku. The picture is magnificent and it has all kinds of weird channels to go along with the many strange channels Direct TV offers. I’ve been watching one hell of a lot of Kath and Kim (the original, of course), because that show is amazing and I haven’t seen it in years.

Cindymoo is working a 3-3 so it’s just you, me and the kitties this evening. I’m caring for my parents’ cats as well, since they are on some weird murder mystery weekend for my mom’s birthday. My dad was disappointed he didn’t get cast as a woman, because he was really looking forward to having an excuse to crossdress. Bugs Bunny is his hero, after all. I found out there was a Rolfing school out Californee way near where my cousin lives, so I think I’m going to ditch Colorado and move to the Golden State for awhile. We may even stay a few years, because I’ll be living by my cousins/best friends, my awesome aunt, and just a few hours’ drive from my brother and sister-in-law in Phoenix. So it’s all good. Plus, starting salary for a CRNA is over $180k, which has Cindymoo excited, so between the two of us, we will be living quite comfortably, especially since we aren’t having any kiddos.

And now or something completely different, here is a little ditty for anyone who loves kitties by Mike Smith, aka Bubble from Trailer Park Boys. Even if you’re not a TPB fan, you will adore this song.