Saturday Night Social

Hi, Saturday readers!

Have any spectacular plans for this evening? If you don't and even if you do, be sure to join us back here at 11:15pm EST for our SNL live thread!


But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. For now, hang out and listen to this little charmer from The Black Keys while you tell your fellow commenters anything your little heart desires and I'll see you all next week!

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The Triple Horn


I got an invitation for a co-workers baby shower in a month and a half... It's co-ed and everyone from work is going to be there... On the invitation it says:

'Please let us know the item you are bringing in the RSVP.

[FEMALE CO-WORKER] is registered at:


Babies R' Us

Pottery Barn'

That's... tacky? Right?

I'm not offended or anything, just nervous because my income/inheritance is moisture on the windshield compared to their ocean-like bank accounts. Like seriously, I'll have to actively put effort into saving money to buy something for more than $50.

Am I being cheap and sensitive?