Saturday Night Social

Hi, Saturday readers!

Have any mind-boggling plans for this evening? If you don't and even if you do, be sure to join us back here at 11pm EST for our SNL open thread!


But before I jet off, allow me to leave you with something to nod your head to while you hang out here with your fellow commenters! See you soon!

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andromache released the hogs of war

It's time for some fun sexy talk. What body parts, aside from the obvious (boobs, butt, bulge, brain) do you find most attractive in a potential sex partner?

For me, a nice set of guns will make me weak in the knees. Not necessarily really big and veiny, but toned and strong. Biceps, forearms, and shoulders. I just want to lick them, and perhaps bite them. I'm also a huge fan of chest hair, especially on a set of solid pecs.

[Edited to add RDJ hotness]