Saturday Night Social

Hello, lovely Saturday readers!

The day may be over, but the weekend is not. So feel free to hang out and watch the trailer for the brand new Muppet movie —which I'd love to hear your thoughts on, by the way— and talk about whatever you wish with your fellow commenters here.


See you all next week!

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As per post below, had third and fourth glasses of wine. Am now in tears. I went to grad school for one year in the UK, and am now home in Canada. I miss it so, so much. I wasn't this homesick when I was there, as I knew I'd be home, but now it actually hurts my stomach. I want to go back, only it would break my parents' hearts and I know that the job situation is horrible and I should stay here. Objectively-like.

I think part of this is that I was in my late 20s when I went to grad school, so my friends were younger and optimistic. My friends here are in their early 30s, moving to suburbs, having babies phases and I just don't connect. So I'm probably less place-sick than in need of new friends, but it's still a horrible feeling. These women are my sisters, how can I feel like I need more?