Saturday Night Social

I'll be honest with you, Saturday readers. If I never have to type the word "weiner" into another post again for as long as I live, you won't be hearing any complaints from me.


So apart from reading about non-stop Weiner coverage —I know. I did it to myself that time— I hope you're all having exceptionally brilliant Saturdays.

But before I leave you to discuss anything you please with your fellow commenters, please enjoy this trailer from Jamie Babbit's marvelous satire, But I'm A Cheerleader (1999).

The trailer doesn't do the film justice, but YouTube is sorely lacking for clips. So just watch it already!

See you next week!



OK, Jezebelles, I've been reading about these men's rights activists, and I have a few thoughts/questions/comments. I am 100% not a troll, nor a plant from their movement, please read my comment history if I don't seem legit.

1) How do you feel about this "male abortion"? (It's the idea that it's within a man's rights to refuse all parental duties as long as it's before the kid is born. Obviously there are different interpretations, but the idea is that if a woman can choose to terminate a pregnancy, the man should have the right to terminate his fiscal/emotional responsibilities.)

-If welfare weren't so shitty in the US, I'd be in favor of this, but from what I think, right behind the bogey lady "welfare queen" is the boogey man "dead beat dad" with 18 kids and $1 million in back child support. Neither of these figures are prevalent, but politicians use both as an excuse to cut welfare, which hurts children. Someone has to support half wanted kids (one parent strongly in favor of the birth, one ambivalent at best) and maybe men should just wrap it before they tap it, if ya know what I mean. (Sleazy wink.)

2) If men's rights activists are so wound up about female on male domestic violence, why don't they call the police when a woman is screaming at a man in public, or produce documentation of their own abuse at the hands of women?

-OK, I'm kind of with the men's rights people on this one. Women hit men too, and although the damage is less physically severe than a man hitting a woman, I believe that any one who performs an act of domestic violence deserves a criminal charge. However, either women don't hit men as often as men hit women, or men are reluctant to file charges. This is not feminism's fault, it's the man's fault for not filing the damn charge, or women don't hit as much.

3) What in the hell do the MRAs want? Feminism has a clearly defined goal: Gender equality. The MRAs want to end sexism against men...?

I don't know. Any good points they have are drowned out by the misogyny and over blown rhetoric. What do you guys think?

I've never met a MRA. Have you?

I'm going to toss this in groupthink as well, because it's so late.