Saturday Night Social

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Are you breaking out your summer dresses and begrudgingly donning shorts? Are you wearing flowers in your hair and/or being mildly freaked out that it's nice outside? Or is it not nice outside and you're still clinging to the comfort of your cardigan? If so, I envy you.


Whatever the case may be, your fellow commenters are all ears, so feel free to type things directly into those ears (or eyes, in this case) and I'll see you all next week!

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brotherjo: no commercials, no mercy

I'm starting a campaign! I'm really tired of CSRs and new business contacts assuming I'm Mrs. Lastname when (a) I'm not married and (b) when I do marry, I'm keeping my name, so I'll be Ms. Lastname forever. Now, when someone calls me Mrs., I say, "I'm not married and it offends me that you assume I am. Please call me Ms." I've only tried it twice so far, but it does seem to work.

I posted about this on facebook, and several friends said they'd join me. My mom pointed out that even with a married name, she never liked being called Mrs. "Mrs. Lastname was your grandmother."

Only a few million more women, and it'll be a party!