Saturday Night Social

Well, well, well. If it isn't Saturday night already! What do you plan to do with the remainder of this full-of-opportunity day? Will you pick flowers and pretend you're in some movie where the sullen lead character aims to get in touch with nature? Will you sit inside and craft using spare buttons and felt? Whatever your plans, your fellow commenters want to know.


AND, if you weren't aware, tonight we're watching SNL with host Ed Helms from The Office and musical guest Paul Simon! Promising? Yes. Should you join us? Yes.

But that's still hours away. ‘Til then, enjoy (or merely marvel at) this Stop Making Sense promo video featuring David Byrne interviewing himself about the power of hairdos and singing love songs to a lamp (in honor of his birthday today) and I'll see you next Saturday!

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I need a movie to watch thats on Netflix Instant Queue. Any Recommendations?

I like horror, dramas, comedies, arthouse, foreign, and grindhouse type movies.