Saturday Night Social

Well, that was a breeze of a news day (which was a welcome change from last week's barrage of people saying/doing/selling terrible things). Do you have plans for this fine weekend? Do they involve telling us every microscopic detail of the past week in our open thread? If so, have at it! In the meantime, I will leave you with a video of people dancing on/near a ship.

And don't forget! Tonight we return to our regularly scheduled SNL live thread at 11:15pm. We'll be there with popcorn in hand while Elton John hosts the show, performs as the music guest, and presumably does a third thing because people love the number three. See you then!

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I know everyone is sick of these complaining threads, but I am a bit down about the direction Jezebel has gone in. This is nothing against Lane Moore, but more of the regular writing.

As a 13 year old girl, I discovered Jezebel about a year and a half ago. I considered myself a feminist, but I didn't really know that much about feminism, the history, etc. In my group of friends, I was always the one to call people out on being sexist, but there were many aspects about feminism that I did not know about.

I can honestly say that Jezebel changed my life.

However, now I find myself skimming through the articles, and only really reading Dirtbag for celebrity news. I click through the comments, but on average there are only about 5 per article. Today, I searched for something in the archives and was shocked to discover how many comments there used to be. Also, the comments are now a lot snarkier and more narrow-minded. A large amount of the articles seem to be taken from other "Gawker" websites, and many of the articles are "in brief".

I am by no means going to leave Jezebel/ give up, because I think that would be stupid. I am still holding on to hope that there will be a turn around. However, does anyone know of any other feminist related websites?