Saturday Night Social

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Once again, it's time for our Saturday Night Social. Let's all have a lovely evening together, shall we? And away we go:

As always, let's keep things light and such. Here's a song to get you started:

Thanks for reading and commenting today, have a safe and happy Saturday night, and I'll see you in the morning.


[Image via Natalie Dee.]

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Ignoring all the hubbub about Jillian Michaels and her recent quotes, I'm about to start her 30-Day Shred DVD. Meaning, like in 5 minutes, I'll be doing this thing. I was hoping that Day 1 was "take the plastic off" and Day 2 was "open the DVD case," but I guess not. So, here goes nothing. Anybody have any experience with this thing?

I tried one of the Biggest Loser yoga DVDs and was sweating and shaking in FOUR MINUTES. And I'm one of those people who could be described as "overweight, but with a former athlete in there somewhere" — it was so hard that I have never tried it again...