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Saturday Night Social

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Well hey there, kids, it's Saturday night! And that means it's time, once again, for our Saturday Night Social. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Recipes for ultra double fudge brownies? Feel free to post them right here.


As always, we ask that you keep the conversation light, for, as we all know, there are certain things that aren't safe to share with internet strangers. Watching Bradley Cooper host SNL tonight? There won't be a live blog, but you are more than welcome to post about the show here.

For the rest of you, here's something to talk about:

Thank you for reading and commenting today, have a safe and happy Saturday night, and I'll see you in the morning.


[Image via the ever-awesome Natalie Dee.]

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So I'm a regular Jezebel reader but rarely comment. Is it too late in the social for a freaked-out-about-life post? I know these come up a lot and people are probably sick of replying, but I'm still at a loss. I graduated with a decent degree last May and while I once thought I had some things figured out, I have no clue what I'm doing anymore. Now I work retail part-time and have no definite plan since grad school is far away, expensive, and possibly not worth the expense. Book publishing and librarianship sound most interesting to me right now, but I'm not even solid on those. I'm pretty much freaking out on a regular basis and could use some help. Sadly I always seem to get to this thread too late in the night.

Oh, and on a totally random note for anybody wondering about Coraline, I saw the 3D version yesterday! I didn't get enough distance between reading the book and watching the movie, and ended up comparing the whole time so that was a problem. Visually amazing. Some of the details/changes put in for the movie bugged me, but I think if seen without too much thought towards the book, it's pretty good. I think.

Anyway sorry for the long post. I guess I'm making up for my lack of commenting in the past. Even if nobody's reading, thanks for indulging me. :)