Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon is a Perfect Hillary Clinton

It’s rare for a Saturday Night Live cold open to be the best sketch of the night, but Kate McKinnon playing a maniacal Hillary Clinton paired with Darrell Hammond’s spot-on Bill Clinton, was one of the only laugh-out-loud sketches. That’s probably a good thing, since we’ll undoubtedly be seeing McKinnon’s impression for the next few months.

Last night’s show was hosted by Taraji P. Henson. Henson poked fun at SNL’s spotty racial history in her opening monologue: “It proves that after 20 years in show business,” Henson joked, “white people know who I am.” She wasn’t given a lot to work with, but Henson was committed to the jokes and charming as host. Her best sketch of the night was probably the Cookie Lyon/Cookie Monster spoof.

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