Saturday Evening Social: Let's Celebrate Michael Jackson's Birthday

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Today would have been the King of Pop’s 57th birthday. Don’t you think he’d like us to get down in his honor?

His siblings have been posting tributes today, like this touching one from his sister, La Toya Jackson:


Amen, La Toya.

So friends, mix yourself your drink of choice, fire up Spotify, and get wild. But before you do, why not share your favorite MJ songs and videos? I’ll start us off with a tried and true classic, and you can take it from there.

Happy Saturday, buds.

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I tried to let it go until he started talking about a gift he wanted for Christmas that I thought was going to involve me giving up my hope of scouring the world for BCBS on black friday and waiting at home depot alone in the freezing cold (I made a spreadsheet and cultivated beer stockers to get him 2 sixers of hopslam one of which I got by sprinting ahead of a guy in a parking lot). I expressed this to him - that I love him but that it’s unfair for him to demand I do these big gestures and things when he can’t even put thought into my birthday or Valentine’s Day or any day. He can’t even bother to write me a note. He got butthurt and basically called me materialistic so I dropped it. Then, he DID get me a present which I did want (yay) but it was the wrong size and he didn’t save the packing or receipt and admitted that he waited until the last minute when I told him I cared. I would have been happy with a cake I didn’t have to bake myself or a note or a picnic or going to see a movie or whatever. I would have been happier if he had said he was just planning something special for our mini-honeymoon in a week FFS.

I was over it. He’s been working terrible hours and I thought maybe he would plan something for this weekend since I’d made it clear that was important to me since he’s been working so much with very few employees to cover shifts (he is working a 13 hour day on my birthday so his people don’t have to which I totally admire him for) but he didn’t. He didn’t make dinner reservations. I had to buy my own damn cake and cried in the parking lot when I picked it up. I am working a full 40 hours and finishing my dissertation, so it’s basically like I am working two jobs. I don’t have many days off. Because of our schedules, we’ve put off our honeymoon indefinitely until we both have time to go to Europe and not be anxiety-stricken. I was hoping this 4 day weekend would be a great way to get back to us since we haven’t had a minute of downtime since we got married last month but he doesn’t seem to even care that I’m bothered by this. What can I say without sounding like a materialistic bitch to let him know that he doesn’t need to get me things or spend money just to let me know he cares? He used to do it. I don’t know what happened.