Saturday Evening Social: Let's Bop Around to Tegan And Sara

Hey pals, we made it! Now it’s playtime.

I hope you’re pouring your drink of choice and preparing for a most excellent Saturday night. And if you’re looking for a little music mix inspiration, Tegan and Sara’s “Boyfriend” has inspired quite a few one-woman dance parties lately. A few may have taken place somewhat in public, as I was en route somewhere, but I will neither confirm nor deny that.

See you on the flip side, Jezzies.

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AntisocialJusticeWarrior: Nastier Woman Than Ever

Hi Jez friends! Happy SNS! This is your Brag Thread. Any grand accomplishments, big or small, you want to brag about but haven’t yet found an acceptable outlet in which to do so? My brag: I posted a Facebook status this week basically stating that supporting Trump for president is condoning the violence that his campaign illicits, and that if any of my Facebook friends are unwilling to rethink your support for his bid for the presidency then they should unfriend me because I don’t want to associate with people that abide by bigotry; 100% of the conversation that stemmed from that post was civil and intelligent. I think that’s pretty neat! Go Facebook friends!

I’m working at the moment (boo) so I probably won’t be super active on SNS tonight. But to everyone bragging: GO YOU! YOU RULE!