Saturday (Early Evening) Social: Christmas Wrapping, Cocktails

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And exhale! The melee is OVER. So what's next? Heading out to a movie or passing out under the tree? Whatever your post-holiday plans, be sure to enjoy a cocktail or six. You deserve it, right? Of course you do.

Happy holidays, everyone — now take it away!


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Oh my fucking lord (sorry baby jesus).

I've been talking to a new okcupid guy (no, not the psycho from before, a new psycho) and I was excited because he looks like James Dean.

So tonight we're chatting and he makes a terrible and unfunny rape joke. I said straight up, "that's not funny." And his response? The following 2 texts:

"You obviously don't have a sense of humor and I'm out of your league anyway. Strike out for you. Goodbye, Ms. Sensitive."


"You're weird. And you are taking things too seriously. I'm bored with you. Goodbye."